Saturday, 12 May 2007

Saint Beast Kouin Jojishi Tenshitan, Bishies, Kitties and Homoerotic Scripwriting O.o

Screenshots of the script that was getting fuzzily misinterpreted in the bad parts of my brain...^O.O^!
!!Pedophiiiiiin...O.o *giggles*.
Oh...but we know a bishie who could help you improve. ;)
No this is M&S Bishie need to see the adverts with the breathy voice...nevermind.
...thoughts about being being a Pedophiiiiin!
Mmm, brotherly incest.
will you now?...!!!

Apart from the mildy amusing cats, and kawai-neko-bishie Gai, I couldn't find much to love about this first episode. The idea of angels being unhappy because of being put into ranks has potential for lots of bishie bitch slapping in the future... you can do anything to my body but don't mess up my beautiful hair!

The character designs are fairly forgettable, apart from wondering why one of them wears a white huge bow in his hair... and you've got to hand it to them - the costumes are better than Angelique. Not keen on the OP or ED, although I do like the artwork for the JAM 'Divine Love' OP single: the bishies actually look darker and sexier.And the Engrish at the beginning, oh dear, no moooooore pleeeease.

Overall enjoyment: 4/10 I'll watch some more for exam revision breaks, it's ok for a giggle, and a gawp at the weird bishie bodies, I hope for more amusing kitties and fighting.

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Lainforce said...

A bunch of bishonen running around and playing rough is my idea of a good show.