Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Kemonozume: 10 Favourite Images and Overall Impressions

Follow a monkey to find your true love. I loved the sequence where they stand panting facing each other in the rain. <3

Being taken under a waterfall and kissed *girly sigh.*

Crashing through the window and landing in the pool was so dramatic, but I especially liked the part when they were lying next to the pool. Beautiful.

I really wanted the prostitute to change her ways. Hey, two happy romances in one plot? No way. I'll never look at public benches the same way again...

I loved everything about the eerie empty fairground. 2nd favourite episode, partly because of the girl's face-off! I really need to get into an argument where I can call a girl a Holstein!

Nothing like a girl on heat who's going to eat you if you mate...

I loved the light and dark contrast as Yuka and Toshihiko walk together. Favourite image of Toshihiko. You like girls with bigger breasts don't you?
Love imaginative architecture of evil headquarters.

This just made me laugh. Don't want to mix up Kemonozume and reality!

WHY, whhhhhhy wasn't the monkey a main character? I loved him so much, especially his method to get Toshihiko out of the paralysed position. he was also funny playing the PlayStation, and when he bit his hand and when he saw a female monkey. Getting defeated by a monkey pulling out the pins attaching your blade to your hilt is also SUPER COOL! The ending image made me smile, in the same way that seeing donkey-dragons made me smile in Shrek 2.

I loved the romance aspect, but I didn't feel the plot kept the momentum or managed to capture my interest with the flesh eater theme. I wanted to see more fights with the mecha and the flesh eaters, and I really didn't like Ooba's character. I know you're not supposed to, being the baddy and all, but he kinda ruined the pretty-arty-visual experience for me. I was also hoping Rie would turn out to be an amazing warrior who'd been overlooked all these years for being a girl...but it was not to be. My favourite episode was the trip with the elderly couple over the salt lake. I want to stand somewhere where the sky is reflected on the ground! beautiful, the upside down kissing was lovely too.

I would recommend all anime fans check it out to at least half way for the pretty art and funky monkey, but if you don't make it to the end, it's not the end of the world, the climax is a bit disappointing.

I think I'm going to have that Aver Aver Bluuuuue song in my head for a week now. Wonder if I can work Kemonozume into my exam on issues in post-war Japan on Friday, I'll probably just rant about how annoying and shallow I find Yoshimoto Banana. Bah, better go and revise.

The Kemonozume 6-disc DVD is out July 13th (in Japan). (How cute is the monkey on the website. I want a plushie monkey, eee!)

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psgels said...

Hey, nice to see you posting again.

I think that the problem with Kemonozume wasn't the ending itself (I actually liked that one), but the episodes leading up to it. They were a bit too dramatic for their own good.

My favourite episode was probably the one in which Yuka accidentally stuns Toshihiko, though the one with the elderly couple also was excellent. :)