Thursday, 17 May 2007

Newtype USA May 07: Magazine Head Trip: Gawping at Japanese Schoolgirls Singing Dirty Lyrics.

I want the art boxes for My-HIME and Haruhi Suzumiya. Pretty!
A year and a half after watching the first episode of Wings of Rean I can finally watch more on DVD in June! No-one fansubbed the series past episode 1 *sniffle* so I'm especially looking forward to it. Bandai has made lovely Wings of Rean wallpaper which looks pretty as my background (from their Myspace).

Still miffed by the American Anime Awards, and the mainstream-ness of it all. I find it hard to believe many American's would vote for, or even notice, the quality of voice acting over their favourite anime character. Glad FLCL is doing well.

Getting excited about the Freedom HD DVD in June! I loved the artwork on the Japanese website, but I've yet to watch it.

I found Doll Face enjoyable, but I wished there was more background artwork.

I love the advertising for Dark Horse's MPD-PSYCHO. "Warning: stylish, sadistic madness, ultraviolent, Japanese horror. UNCUT UNCENSORED!" I hope it's as good as Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

Oh no not Shuffle! After reviewing the first series and manga volume 1 I never want to go through that again, although I do like kawai Primula with her neko plushie!

The CLAMP (Newtype condensed) Kobato manga looks unashamedly girly and ditzy. This means I'll either love it...or feel mildly nauseated.

Must watch Byosoku 5cm it looks beautiful!

I agree with Satsuki Igarashi that guys wearing glasses are hot, in particular Jin from Samurai Champloo:


Girls look hot in glasses too.

I don't care what clothes guys wear (as long as it's not hideous). I think suits appeal because of the rare impression a man has showered?! Don't really understand the butler fetish, a man in an apron? He only put it on to disguise the bulge. Laughing at, "Long fingers are especially nice." I bet they are...

You have to read Jonathan Clements' Astroturfing article (p69). "Like Astroturf?" *Giggles* I really hope it's a true story, even my landlord laughed when I told him.

As much as I'd enjoy telling strangers I'm a secret agent spreading the word of anime I'd rather kidnap people, tie them to chairs, and force them to watch Mushishi until they admit anime is not just "cute stuff and big robots innit!" I want to be an anime terrorist. Oh dear, maybe not. I'll stick to imagining a knife in their back, Ally McBeal style.

I'm glad Monica Rial's mother is a regular at conventions. I think the words my mother used, as she watched me stay up into the early hours of the morning sewing my Natsuki Kuga costume, were..."How old are you?!" 12...clearly not 22.

The 009-1 poster looks good on my wall, I liked the female cyborg-agent action! The ADV 009-1 website isn't half bad either, there's some dripping wet wallpaper.


It's amazing how touchy fans can be about their popular anime males turning up in yaoi fan manga. Deal with it! People have fantasies; they can do what they like with them. It's not as if you're forced to click the 'download yaoi dj' button.

Take me Oniiiiiiiiiiii-chaaan! has an amusing webcomic called H.H. by Dan Kim. Hitomi, a young girl, wants to seduce her older brother, but he's more interested in the girls in his ero-games! Only 16 pages so far but worth a look.

I've never played a dating game (I don't think Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak counts). I was surprised by the pretty artwork in Yume Miru Kusuri. All the character are aged 18 or over? Sure...the flat-chested younger sister? Definitely 18.

How scary are the high notes in Sachi Tainaka's Saikou no Kataomoi? Lovely song, beautiful voice, I prefer it to Disillusion.

Giggling at Marina Inoue's 'Hoseki' youtube vid. She really loves that tree. That tree with those gloves! I prefer Beautiful Story.

Kisu. x

"More mature lyrics"?! Oh. My. God. Gawping at Japanese schoolgirls singing dirty in AKB48's "Seifuku ga Jama o Suru" literally "My School Uniform's Getting In The Way". The songs a million times better than Aitakatta. Love it! Some of the lyrics:

Take off my uniform,
I want to play around more naughtily,
You can do whatever you like,
I want to experience adult pleasure, (full translated lyrics here)

Well Clicky-Clicky here's the VIDEO! (The song is also on Myspace.)

Unhappy bats - the next Emily Strange?

Fukoumori's website is quirky, gothy and musically bizarre...and the games are easy enough to figure out if you can't speak Japanese. It's worth clicking around for funny bat pictures.

Kawai... plants?

The Nachudon website makes me smile :) Garden gnomes that tell you to water your plants = brilliant! There is even an animated song which, well...

... it's very colourful and your inner 5 year old might love it, mine did.

If a new Tamagotchu falls out of love can it virtually dismember another Tamagotchu? I'll be waiting for homicidal Tamagotchainsaw.

Somehow I don't think playing Harvest Moon on a pink DS will increase your pulling power. "Watch me feed my cow!" Hot.

Velvet: Red Riding Hood with stockings? Hell yes.

Liking the magical character designs in Odin Sphere. Fairies! Out June for PS2.

Girl-girl love makes Iono-sama Fanatics a manga for me! A queen who can make any girl her sobame (lady-in-waiting). It's only a 13+ so it should be cute shoujo ai.

I thought Tokyopop already published Parasyte? Why is Del Rey doing it too? I want to read it for the horror art but I wonder which is the better buy.

Looking forward to the new Newtype yaoi fangirl column. Should be difficult keeping it PG.

Excited about Black Lagoon DVD 1 release! The speedboat/helicopter action scene was one of the most memorable images for me last year.

Mako Aboshi's art makes want to draw chibi characters. I need to figure out how to use a digital manga computer thingy. So I no longer find terms like multiply mode, 360dpi, hue and saturation so mysterious. O.o

On the DVD: UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3 had an army of neko-maids! Wow. The squeaky female voices on english anime trailers really hurt my brain. In fact, American anime trailers in general...make them stop!

So despite the criticisms I've read on forums that Newtype USA is all 'pretty pictures, advertising and weak content', it's actually an enjoyable read, and pointed me in the direction of some intriguing internet sites, animations...and dirty schoolgirls.